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Tips and tricks to clean leather furniture

Leather furniture is considered luxury and we all love its look and feel. Its plush, super comfortable and add style and substance to your room.
Having said that have you ever thought how to effectively clean leather furniture without damaging them. Well no need to look further, here are some easy tips to care for your leather furniture and keep them comfy and strong for a long time.

Use a vaccume cleaner

This one goes without much saying, all furniture attracts dust and debris during its normal use and leather furniture is no exception. Use a vaccume cleaner to remove dust and debris from your living room sofas. It is important to reach into tight creases and folds to remove accumulated debris and dust, for this use a vaccume cleaner which has flexible attachements.

Apply soap and water

Another easy one here, after all washing stuff with soap and water is a no brainer eh! Gently wipe a leather sofa with a cloth soaked in soap water. Do not apply too much water and certainly do not spill water directly onto the leather. Also make sure to change the dirty water replace with clean soap water. You dont want to stain your precious leather with dirt.

Use a leather cleaner solution

If your leather furniture is particular bad shape, you can try a cleaner solution specifically designed for leather products. Just doing a simple Google search find the solutions available near you.

Having said that, Here are some additional tips for quick and easy leather cleaning.

Marker stains in your leather? dont panic, simply apply your aerosol hairspray and wipe gently to remove permanant marker stains.
To remove pen stains from leather, use a non-acetone nail polish remover.
Pet urine or kids urine? Wipe with cloth soaked in white vinegar to remove urine smell.